Bridgestone CB-1

Lacey’s much missed Bridgestone CB-1 is back after a year or so of life in the big city. We bought it back from a friend who never fell in love with it.  Our gain!  I did a complete overhaul and detailing so it is ready to serve as Lacey’s commuter for trips to work.

The rear wheel was loose when I picked up the bicycle.  The interim owner had installed skewers operated by hex keys in lieu of the quick release skewers that were on the bicycle when we sold it.  Probably meant to make it harder to steal the wheels.  I tightened the rear skewer to a good tension, yet the rear axle was still slipping on the left side.  The right side was tightening up just fine.  A mystery!

Not a tough one to solve, though.  The hub was adjusted so that the axle was protruding beyond the locknut more on the left side than on the right.  The axle was protruding enough that it extended beyond the outside face of the dropout.  The head of the hex key skewer was flat (whereas the heads of most quick releases are indented).  While the protruding axle caused no problem whatsoever while the quick release skewers were in place, the protrusion prevented the hex key skewers from being tightened on the left side.  The head of the skewer was tightening against the axle as opposed to tightening against the face of the drop out.  I fixed the problem by readjusting the hub so that the axle was centered better for this set up.  If the rear derailleur hanger is ever removed, I might have to shorten the axle on the right to prevent the problem from happening on the right as it id on the left.  Another day.

I wonder how long the prior owner rode the bicycle in this condition?  I wonder what it felt like?  Because the right side was tightening as it should, pedaling wouldn’t necessarily make the wheel move.  Maybe the only impact was a loose feel when going over bumps.  Maybe this is one reason she didn’t enjoy the bicycle.  Solved now.

Maybe someday we can upgrade the drivetrain.  Works perfectly, but isn’t exactly pretty.  Isn’t so bad to have ugly parts when you mean to leave a bicycle locked up outside all day.

I also added some really nice looking shift levers just to clean up the look of the bars.  I had the original indexing rear shift lever and a plastic Chinese front shift lever on the bicycle when I sold it.  Lacey no longer has indexed shifting, but she is a professional friction shifter.  The new shift levers, vintage Shimano mountain bike shift levers, look really nice with the pretty Nitto bar and stem.

Lacey will have fun on it again!


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