Gilligan’s Bicycle Ride

The sun was shining this afternoon and I had a free hour.  Why not pedal around the city a bicycle I haven’t pedaled this season?  Why not the Atlantis?  Let me tell you why not.  Sudden severe thunderstorm!

I was downtown when it started to rain, about two miles from home, so I waited in a doorway for five minutes.  The rain let up a bit, and I enjoy a good ride in the rain, so I headed home.  Good times for a few minutes, but then cold heavy rain and very strong head winds tried to take the wind out of my Atlantis’ sails.  Adrenaline to the rescue.  I pedaled into the pelting rain and small hail, past downed limbs, dodging crazed stop sign running motorists (why the rush while luxuriating in a 3000 pound umbrella with climate control and music?), all the while looking pathetic in a wet t-shirt and black cotton shorts.  Weather report says the gusts I was battling were up to 60 miles per hour.  Glad I only had two miles to go!

Made it home in good time to rescue Frida from the back yard.  She didn’t want to come in.  She never wants to come in, preferring instead to cozy up in her safe spot next to the bleeding heart bush and under an evergreen shrub hanging over the fence from the neighbor’s yard.  I picked her up, brought her in and dried her off.  

Next I pulled the leaves out of the gutter to stop the water from pouring over the gutter along the house.  Dry clothes for me came next.

Then I rescued the seedlings.  All the flats were in the back yard on a table toughening up before getting planted into the gardens.  Flats of cucumbers and okra had blown off the table and landed wrong side up and the flats had blown away.  I think they will survive, but they look terrible.

Time to care for the Atlantis.  I dried it off and cleaned the chain and derailleurs. Added some wax based lubricant to the chain.  I removed the waterproof rain bonnet from the Brooks saddle.  Good to let the saddle air dry in case any moisture made it through the bonnet or came up from the underside.  If you have a Brooks saddle and don’t have a bonnet for it, you should get one.  Riding on a wet Brooks is the best way to ruin what should be a very long lasting saddle.  Carradice made mine, but I think Brooks makes them, too.  The Atlantis looks wonderful, having survived a short but harrowing journey.  What a great bicycle.  

You know those seemingly eternal knickers I was wearing and bragging on yesterday?  I was sitting cross legged last evening and Lacey saw Paris, Lacey saw France, Lacey saw my underpants.  A split in the seat!  Most of my pants die this way, wearing through in the crotch from too much time on bicycle seats.  These knickers aren’t ready to go, though.  The fabric is still solid, showing little wear.  The split was simply due to worn away stitching.  I sewed all the seams again and they seem as good as new.  Joys!

I think I am going to close and drive to pick up Lacey.  She walked to work today and the severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect until 8:00 tonight.  Good to avoid driving when possible, but cars are great when the weather turns bad.  Take care!


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