Not Sitting and Sitting

Thank you to those who have written to inquire as to my whereabouts.  All is well.  Spring is here and I am at it with a vengeance. For over two months I have been too busy doing things to write about the things I have done. I should say the things we have done, as I have had a constant companion since I last wrote. Lacey has been between daytime situations and I have been loving every minute of it.

Downhill skiing happened a couple of times during the last big snowfalls. Seedlings are growing in the basement and at our community garden plot. Pedals have been turned on short local journeys. Both tennis and badminton have been enjoyed. Scrabble has been played. Disc golf aplenty.  Not much in the way of photographic proof.

I did get a picture of one of two of our recent house guests.  Brooklyn, shown below, is an aquatic frog.  His tank mate, Gill, wouldn’t swim still for a picture. 

Lacey made good use of her free time by helping to place a couple of dogs in a loving home.  Mike and Willie are pictured below.  My camera lacks sufficient speed to catch them at rest.



Like the dogs, my life has been one of constant motion, except for the few times I have meditated of late.  For a few years I sat every day.  It had a big impact on my life.  Then I stopped.  Now I am back on the mat.   I ran low on incense, down to my last stick in fact, but today an amazing box arrived at my door.   One hundred sticks of Fu-in Kyara incense, packaged as beautifully as anything I have ever held.

Within the box are separately wrapped packages of incense.  In addition to being very impressive, the separate packages serve a purpose.  The incense is hand made and very thin.  As a result, it is very fragile.  

This is my first box of aloeswood incense.  I will be surprised if I ever smell anything as lovely.  I won’t try to describe it.  Come over and I will light a stick for you.

Happy spring.


2 responses to “Not Sitting and Sitting

  1. Hello!

    At this ridiculously gorgeous Japanese temple we went to in Hawaii we picked up the most wonderful incense, packaged much like yours. It’s sandalwood, which I usually don’t like, but this is so light and lovely that it stinks up the house most wonderfully.

    Congratulations on a return to the contemplative life!

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