Slow Advance

Slow advance.  That’s how you need to behave when riding on ice.  Everything must happen slowly.  Not just stopping, but starting and turning, too.  Undertake sudden accelerations or decelerations in any direction and, well, you will soon no longer be advancing.  All of this assumes, of course, that you are pedaling without studded tires, which is what I did today on the Goodrich.  Remember when I wrote that the rear tire had given up its good work of holding in the tube?  Sad, but true.

The tire might have been original to the bicycle.  A made in the USA Goodyear tire.  All weather!

Today the baby got new shoes.  I had mountain bicycle tires on hand and seeing that it is winter and all, I used those despite their non-original appearance.

First thing I did was head to the pond.  It is no longer good for skating, but it was fun to pedal around on for a few minutes anyway.  Ice is dead flat which is the elevation change best suited to this heavy machine.  I tried to pedal on the trails around the pond, too, but they are not cleared and are just now terribly bumpy ice.  The bumps are from the footsteps of dogs and people.  Some of those steps belong to me and my dog.  It was easier to pedal on the ice.   

I survived my ice-capades and once  home I completed repairs on a damaged crock.  I tested a prior repair last night and it was not sufficient.  A few drops of water found a way through.  Today I added more wax and melted it into the cracks with a soldering iron instead of a hair dryer and then finished the surface of the repair with a clothes iron that I used to use to prepare the bases of cross country skis.  The surface shouldn’t matter as the wax doing the work should have been pulled into the crack by capillary action.  Even so, I left a fair amount of wax on the surface to be safe and wanted the surface to look presentable.  It holds water now and should serve well for years of fermentation projects.  I am giving it as a gift to a friend tonight.  So glad it will see good use!  

The only other real progress made today was in the form of a solicitation for help from the Bridgestone Owner’s Bunch list serve.  I wanted a few parts for the new XO-1 that were not to original specifications.  The iBobs are wonderful people.  In a few hours I think I found all the little bits I sought, each having been removed from a 1993 XO-1.  Amazing.  Good to get the bicycle all sorted as soon as possible.  Every day that passes makes it that much harder to put things right.

Happily, the sun stays up a little longer each day now.  Soon enough the pond will be liquid and it will be time to put vegetable seeds in the ground.  I can wait a bit longer.  I am not yet sick of winter squash and sauerkraut and I still haven’t strapped on cross country skis.  Also, half of our 1.75 liter bottle of Jameson whiskey remains, not to mention an unopened bottle of Oak Cross Scotch whisky given to us as a gift by our good friend Kevin.  Let the sun set already!  It is Friday!  Have a wonderful weekend, all!


2 responses to “Slow Advance

  1. You are just the best. Thanks x1000. Miso to come!!!

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