Goodrich Complete

I have pedaled it up and down the street and, well, it is an interesting bicycle.  My hat is off to anyone who has pedaled one of these beasts more than a couple of blocks.  My hat is off, then, to Lacey, who as I mentioned pedaled our prior balloon tire bicycle all over Omaha one fine day.  No wonder she was a little grumpy.  Maybe this Goodrich is geared higher or maybe I am weaker.  Slow is the only speed I can make it go.  Slow isn’t bad, though, on its pillowy tires inflated to a maximum of 35 pounds.  DSC04696

The bearings and chain are all very well cleaned, greased and adjusted.  All the bearings and races were in very good shape.  I even rebuilt the rubber block pedals.  I have never spent this many hours on a bicycle and have it end up looking like I did so little.  Trust me.  It looks worse in person.  It really needs new paint and new chrome bits if it is to look nice.  Maybe it is best as it is, though.  It won’t get a second look outside the neighborhood bar.


The New Departure hub cleaned up pretty well.  It was pristine inside.  A delight to rebuild that.  The spokes remain terribly rusty.  The only place they cleaned well is where they were covered in their jacket of grease and dirt.  I hope they don’t mind rolling around naked for awhile.DSC04702

Front hub might be a Schwinn.  Hard to make out the script, though.  There were two different bearing retainers in there.  One was National, the other, Star.  The bearing retainer marked Star was an interesting design.  The retainer was open on the outside of the donut, forming a star shape.  I wish I had taken a picture.  Now it is safely put away in a bath of Phil Wood grease.  Might be a decade or more before the hub is opened.  Interesting that one or both of the bearings were replaced.  So often bicycles aren’t used enough to warrant bearing replacement, or if they need it, they are simply discarded because “they don’t work.”DSC04707

I spent a fair amount of time hammering dents out of the fenders, but when it comes to metal work, I am just a hack.  I spent way too much time getting the chain guard in place.  If it wasn’t rubbing here, it was rubbing there.DSC04697

I added baskets in front and back.  Both are Wald (made in Kentucky), although the rear set is obviously many decades old.  I like that Wald designed the inside edge of the rear baskets to follow the arc of the fender.  No longer the case with their current model.  DSC04706

Funny that it has Goodyear tires.  Two companies that I associate with automobile tires represented on one bicycle.  Car companies still dabble in bicycles.  Bicycles badged with the names BMW, Mercedes and Hummer come to mind.  It always makes me laugh.  Why do they bother?  I have never seen one of these recent examples on the street.  Must have sold better in the past.  There are a lot of Goodrich bicycles on eBay and such.

I hope to ride the Goodrich to my friends’ cocktail hour this evening.  Maybe that will help it get under my skin.


2 responses to “Goodrich Complete

  1. I wonder if that front hub is a SanJung. Looking forward to seeing this beast tonight.

  2. It will need to be another time. We are coming by motor coach with another couple. See you soon!

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