Pedalists’ Picnic Basket

Who doesn’t like a picnic? It may be the wrong time of year (in my corner of the country) to think about eating outside, but perhaps you need a gift idea for someone who pedals. Consider this wonderful stainless steel tiffin container complete with cotton carrier and bamboo utensils. I considered it for all of about one minutes before bringing it home.DSC00574

This tiffin container sports two compartments sitting one atop the other. They lock together making a secure and convenient unit in which to transport a hot lunch. The cotton carrier is lightly insulated and has an integrated and adjustable strap allowing over the shoulder transport. The bamboo utensils are cute as all get out and make for a complete set to delight your chosen gift recipient. The carrier even has a pocket to hold them.DSC00575

Lunches are delivered all over cities in India in these containers. Why not enjoy an Indian business person’s lunch in a pretty setting near to you?


I bought mine at The Spinning Seed in Troy, New York. The owner of the shop is very kind and wants to share with you the eco friendly and beautiful housewares she has discovered. Her site promises an online store soon, but I am sure she would welcome your call and ship to you your very own tiffin container set.

I received no consideration for this post. I just really love my tiffin container set and wanted to share it with you. Happy pedaling!


4 responses to “Pedalists’ Picnic Basket

  1. I love tiffen containers! I’m always trying to find a way to make them work for my cooking biz. Not plastic, washable, handsome–so very rad!

  2. Gosh it would be cute if you could use them for your business. I can imagine the photos now! Stacks and stacks of gleaming stainless steel. Hmmm! Is the problem that they are not airtight, such that they’d need to be upright and might not keep food as fresh? I was looking at bento boxes yesterday, too. Some are stainless steel with rubber gaskets. All you would need is a giant loan to buy the hundreds you’d require.

    Also, thanks for the gentle push to get me to use the term correctly. As I was writing the post, I found confirmation that it is ok to call the containers simply tiffins, but this is probably just an accepted misuse. Since tiffin means snack, calling the containers tiffins isn’t really ideal. Tiffin container is better. I can always count on you to help me be more precise with language.

  3. So cool! If I could get Lucille to go on a picnic I’d snatch one up. He seems to allergic to the outdoors.

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