Birds Still Fly

Fall is here and the ducks at the pond seem to be eating more and undertaking practice flights in preparation for a trip south. I am getting ready by pedaling to the grocery store. Hauling groceries is easy with my Burley Nomad cargo trailer.DSC04537

I have had the trailer for at least a couple of years now and it has performed without fail. It can be fitted to most of my bicycles, provided they don’t have something funny going on in the left rear triangle (like a disk brake). That eliminates only two of my bicycles, though.


The trailer easily accepts six bags of groceries. Even when I shop hungry I have never had a problem fitting it all in. Weight isn’t an issue as the City of Albany is mostly flat. Encounter the slightest hill with the trailer loaded to capacity, though, and you will be looking for your lowest gear.


If I had it to do over again, I would consider buying a trailer made for hauling dogs rather than the purpose built cargo trailer. The dog trailer would work fine for groceries, and it might encourage motorists to give me more room as they pass. They wouldn’t know, after all, that my trailer contained only groceries. With a dog trailer, I could also travel with my dog. I am not sure she would enjoy it, but at least I could try. Actually, I have tried giving Frida a ride in the Nomad. She tolerated all two minutes of the experiment, but jumped out as soon as I slowed. Hence the need for a fully enclosed dog trailer. Could be fun. Maybe someday.DSC01453 copy

I almost forgot. Even though I try to limit communications with motorists to hand signals meant to request that they wait to pass until it is safe, I did break my rule this morning. When leaving the co-op on my bicycle, a large sedan was pulling in and headed right for me. We were traveling slowly, she eventually noticed me and then abruptly jerked her wheel to move to her side of the drive. She was on her cell, so I raised my hand to my face to pantomime jabbering on a phone and then lowered my hand to indicate my desire that she hang up. The phone remained pressed to her face and she used her “free” hand (the one that had been steering) to give me the bird. I hope her baby didn’t witness her behavior. I pedaled away without further communication, hoping only she maintained control of her car for the benefit of the people and property she was now lumbering toward. I need to redouble my efforts at limiting communication with motorists. So easily angered. Sigh.


4 responses to “Birds Still Fly

  1. First of all, that picture of you & Frieda is ridiculously adorable.

    Second of all, you are my hero.

  2. Thanks for the compliment (from myself and Frida). Cute animal pictures are a cheap trick, I know, but I couldn’t resist. I used the term “tolerate” in connection with Frida’s mood during the experiment because, as you know, she is always a little nervous. Put her in a new situation (like a bicycle trailer) and she will accept it but look extra miserable all the while. That’s why I am not rushing out to buy a dog trailer. I am 99% sure she would get in when asked, but be miserable every second. Best stick to walking. That allows sniffing and sniffing is what Frida is all about.

  3. We bought this trailer for Zeke:'r+Bicycle+Trailer+-+Medium
    It’s inexpensive and seems well built. We started by taking him on short rides to get him use to it. If I leave it open on the back porch he will just jump into to it. Helps that I bribe him constantly with treats.

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