Ben’s Racks

I met my friend Ben in Omaha.  He is hard core.  When I was commuting to work by bicycle he was commuting by running.  Bicycles are so efficient, they are a natural for transportation.  Running is hard work, though.  Carried a backpack with his lunch, work clothes and whatever work he carried back and forth.  His commute was the same as mine, three miles each way.  Nothing on a bicycle, but kind of a long run to do often.  I know a few people who run father, but rarely for transportation.  What gives?  I have suggested to Lacey that if she wants exercise, and wants her exercise to be running, she should run to the store instead of going for a run to nowhere.  I love doing errands on a bicycle.  Gives the trip a purpose.  Not sure why so few runners take this up.  Ben did.  That’s why I think he’s hard core.  He doesn’t work out.  He works exercise into his life.  That is a catch phrase I have been trying to popularize.  “Don’t work out.  Work in.”  Duh!  Right?

We left Omaha about the same time.  He moved to Connecticut.  He found bicycles.  Rides all winter.  Gets hit by cars.  Keeps pedaling.  Apparently he likes doing errands on bicycles as much as I do, but insists on carrying lots of beer.  I might substitute a bottle of whisky (to save weight), but not Ben.  Needs a stout rack.  Not many are stout enough.  So he makes them, and would like to make one for you, too.


He says:

These are handmade to individual spec as to number and width of rails, material (steel or aluminum), decking material for the carrying surface, etc. The standard 4 rail pictured above runs $50 plus shipping and comes unpainted. Powdercoating is available on request with literally thousands of colors to choose from. I make these on the side so turnaround time can be variable, I take my time to make them look good and as you can see, they carry a TON!

Looks like Ben is weathering the financial downturn better than I am.  While I have gone full Miller (three 30 packs, to date), he is still fifty fifty with PBR to save bucks and Harpoon for guests.  Or maybe it is the other way around.


Love the tall back on the rack.  Keeps the load in place under heavy acceleration with a few possible wheelies thrown in for good measure.  I wouldn’t know.  I never pedaled with Ben.  Like I said, though, he is hard core.  I would not be surprised if he pulls serious g’s leaving stop lights and can make a wheelie happen with 12 bottles and 12 cans up front.  Planned the load well, don’t you think, by leaving the headlights a path to do their job.  Serious headlights, too, right?  He is clearly riding at night.  Which, in the winter, is like 6:00 pm.  How do I know it was winter?  Check out those studded tires!


Check out the Paul’s Components front brake.  Further testimony that Ben hauls loads and has probably been subjected to a few left and right hooks while pedaling.  Knows the value of quick stopping.  Isn’t easy with 24 buckets of suds.  Paul’s help.


Get your own and haul like the pros.  Support local industry.  Hard to beat the price!  Contact Ben at skullrider6 (at)  Carry the beer to my house.


2 responses to “Ben’s Racks

  1. Nice blog… were you trying to keep it a secret?

    • Glad you like it! Maybe I was trying to keep it a secret in the sense that today we post our deepest darkest secrets on the web under our own names and hope for the best! Just wasn’t advertising it. Kinda feels like selling cookies to your office mates, you know? Also, thanks for giving Lacey and I a serious addiction to Battlestar Galactica. The only saving grace is that eposiodes are not available on Netflix play it now. Every couple of days we are without a disc and so emerge from our home in the evening.

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