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Quickly.  mm

I thought I invented the smoky mezcal mojito but the internet says I was at least two years late to the party.   No matter–I combined 1.5 oz. Somrba mezcal, 1 Tbs. agave nectar, juice of a lime, mint, a pinch of salt and some seltzer.  It’s brown because of the agave nectar (easier than making simple syrup).  At first I thought that was not pretty, but a day later I think otherwise.  I muddled the mint with a wooden pestle that had previously been used to grind cumin.  I wiped it before use but a hint of the flavor made it into the drink (and was a delight).  Maybe this is my contribution.  That, and a pinch of salt.  This made me think of salt.  Why not always with the salt?bwd

Notice the black rubber grips?  Had to take off the cork ones that I loved so much (purchased from Rivendell long ago).  They were made of bits of cork that had been glued together.  One came loose, see.  The glue was still holding but the inside surface of the cork separated from one grip such that the grip could be easily slipped off.  Happily it didn’t slip off while riding.  The outside of the grip still looked good, but the inner diameter was bigger (having lost the material that remained stuck to the bar).  The grip would no longer make good contact with the bar, so regluing wasn’t possible (unless instead of thin spray adhesive I used something with dimension like Shoe Goo, but then the problem would surely happen again at some point in the future).  Rivendell stopped selling the composite cork grips and now sells these seemingly better ones made of whole connected cork rings.  They even talk about the old composite cork grips versus the new cork ring grips.  They downplay the downside of the old, but I forgive them.

I’ve picked enough cucumbers for a gallon of pickles, so those are on the counter doing their thing.  No picture.  You’ve all seen ceramic crocks so I won’t waste the electricity to share another image.  fb

I’m also fermenting six beets.  Not dark red this time, maybe sad, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy the result.  fap

The cool weather is back and Frida approves.  Before walks, she jumps for joy as if a decade of her life has been rewound.  Nothing could make me happier.

Rewound?  That is something you used to do with audio and video tapes.  Have you done this?  I did for decades, but I am old enough to have just bought my first pair of progressive lenses for my eyeglass frames.  I sprung for ridiculously expensive Nikon Professional lenses and would suggest you consider the same when your number comes up.  I was warned that I’d need three weeks to adapt, but I loved them from the first second and a day later don’t notice any difference. I can see super well at all distances, ‘cept I can’t see the TV when watching reclined in bed unless I slide the frames down my nose a bit.  Other than that, it’s all gravy.

Enjoy your weekend.

A Fix?

It is the only fix that I can start today, on my own, that I know will help.

And a lasagne made possible by a polar vortex in July.


How else could I stand an hour long hot oven in a home without AC?


Frida loved it too, but now it is gone. Sighs all around.

Mere Quibbles

Why does “not a problem” sometimes take the place of “you’re welcome” as a response to “thank you?”  When I say “thank you” I’m expressing gratitude, not apologizing.  Harrumph.

Forgive me. The plane, the invasion and ordering bifocal lenses for the first time, collectively, have pushed me a bit off center.


I should resume when I’m in a better place.

[time passes without watching the news]

Glad I waited to publish.  A trip to the garden helped.  Everything looks and is producing well.  A neighboring gardener gave me shallots.  Another gardener gave a hello with enough cheer to lift us both a foot or so.aag

Then a nice neighborhood roll followed by lunch with a good friend.  Always a treat.

On the way home, I passed a guy securing a bicycle to a trailer towed behind a Rialta RV.  I think I’ve mentioned here that I have a new found love for the Rialta.  I asked if this is the Rialta I see parked a few blocks from where we were talking.  It is.  I asked if the trailer is new.  It is.  Just got it together today.   Added that he needs to get six bikes on it.  I said that’d be easy (it was a good sized trailer) and asked if he was headed out on an adventure (what am I… five?  Hey mister!).  He said “Iowa.”  I said “RAGBRAI?”  He was taken aback but recovered quickly to confirm that was  his destination.  His first crossing was last year and he says he can’t imagine not making the trip every year hence.  I said I’d never done it despite coming from Nebraska, but that I knew where he lived and I’d knock on his door this time next year to see if he could carry seven bikes.  We shook on it.  I’ll write here that his name is Andre so that I can look it up next year.  He is going to have a great time.

So the morning was a little rough, but I am feeling better now.  All that remains is to let the clock run out on the work week.

Have a great weekend.  I intend to.

Home Again


Frida enjoyed another week in Provincetown.  Wasn’t sure she’d make it, but she just keeps going.  Not limp along style either.  More like it’s a little hot and I’m a little old but let’s get to the water now!  bf

We were joined by friends and neighbors, all of whom made it an extra special outing.  Why’d it have to end?lf

But it did end and we came back to a garden filled with food.  Cucumbers were the happiest surprise, so tonight we’ll have cucumber kimchi (recipes here and here).  ckI’ll make panko crusted tempeh and soba noodles with sesame peanut sauce from Terry Hope Romero’s Vegan Eats World and I’ll take from the fridge rolled mustard greens.  Really enjoying cold food as the weather (and our house) heats up.

That’s that.  Hope you are well.



I had this picture in my head but couldn’t put my hands on it until just now.  lnr

Thought maybe I had made it up or rearranged some other picture in my memory.  Not this time.  I do this with Frida all the time.  Her weight feels good–she’s my thunder shirt.fnr

I wonder if our glasses are the same?  They look it and Shuron has been around long enough (1865).  Hmm.

My cousin mentioned this show to me.  I’ve stopped being surprised by artists’ ability to hide from me.  No longer, Eef.  You’ve been found, and it makes me happy.  Listening to this just now.DSC07043

I fiddled with the tandem yesterday and some today.  That’s it above, in an old picture, pre-fiddle.  It is a Cannondale (in case you missed the two giant logos) mountain tandem with Nitto upright bars and slicks.  Sparkly purple.  I took off the toe clips (why were they there ever?) and added a rear rack.  I tightened the primary chain (the captain to stoker chain) by moving the eccentric in the bottom bracket shell.  Can you almost see it was lose in the picture above?  Yikes.  I was shocked at how easy it was to get the eccentric turning since the bicycle is now 20 years old and I am certain the eccentric has never once been loosened.  I removed the eccentric from the bottom bracket shell while I was at it and found it completely free of grease.  Why hadn’t it seized or at least squeaked?  I greased the shell and the eccentric and put it back in there.  Now it will probably slip.  At least it won’t seize.  Aluminum to aluminum interfaces have a tendency to grow attached to one another without grease, don’t you know?  I also greased the chains and checked the brakes and derailleurs.  All ready to go!

I’m out of things to share.  You have anything?  Take care.




Today for the first time I put batteries in a Safe-Lite made by B&G Industries, Inc. from Hanover, N.H.sl1

DOT approved!  Can you believe they cared enough?  sl2

I was delighted that it worked.  Then I shut it off.  sl3

Then I turned it back on and after about five seconds it started blinking.  I was surprised because the light lacked a rely in the circuit to cause it to blink.  It was just two batteries, a simple switch and a bulb.  sl4

Must be the bulb!  It is a GE 401 which, I now know, has a relay of sorts built into the bulb.  They can still be purchased (NOS).  Amazing (to me).  This light makes the Vistalite CueLite look complex.  What does Google have to add?  An ad!SL5

The ad is from Field & Stream in November, 1969, so this light could be 45 years old!  And I thought it was a light for bicycling.

A storm is blowing through so I should go comfort Frida.  Take care.


Gosh it is (going to be) hot!  Good for the

I’ve been bringing home mustard greens, culled beets, shelling peas and snap peas.  Today was no different, but I left the mustard greens

Not so good for Frida.  Just recently we were talking ourselves into a fit over her. She was walking more slowly, panting a lot and showing less interest in food.  We didn’t know if it was the heat or if her kidney function was headed downhill.  Our friend vet drew blood and told us her kidneys are the same as when she was first diagnosed.  So just the heat.  Shorter walks, longer naps in the shade and bowls of ice should help her through it.  Huge exhale. fr

Bikes?  Sure thing.  A little every day, for transportation.  Saw this at Rivendell.  Looks like something everyone should have.  Bought these at a temple tag sale.  pn

I wasn’t super impressed by Cannondale bags as a kid and these weren’t their top end models but nostalgia carried me to the register where I became one dollar lighter and a pair of bags heavier.  I’d do that deal five more times without blinking.

Time’s up.  Take care of yourselves, okay?

Then y Now




This morning I enjoyed my first ride in the country.  Only eleven miles but each Spring it presents as a mental hurdle.   I wonder whether my legs and lungs will show up.  They were there today (as much as a teenager wearing headphones is there–if I asked authoritatively and repeatedly, eventually one or both would lift an ear cup to see what all the fuss was about).  RF

It felt good to place my life in the hands of my neighbors and have them care enough to steer a little left, then a little right, at just the right time.  Some cared more than others, making sweeping gestures of respect with their cars (all the way into the next lane they’d go).  My sincerest thanks for that.  Even the ones that snuggled up to my left elbow, a vehicular hug if you will, permitted me room enough to remain upright.  My sincerest thanks for that, too.RC

I hope your day is swell.


Thank you for the wonderful wishes you’ve sent my way.  Much appreciated.  Here’s a picture of my amazing mom.

photo 5

We have so many mustard greens.  Blanched and laid in a 2

Rolled.  photo 3

Cut then dip in 4

A local friend sent me to Gracias Madre on Mission in San Francisco.  They fed me this (and for that I am thankful).  photo 1

A local friend sent me to Tu Lan on 6th off of Market in San Francisco (and for that I am thankful).  I will be back.

Frida often rolls in grass.  It makes me feel good just to watch. photo 3-1photo 2-1photo 1-1photo 4-1

There you have it.  Be well.